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Institute of Fundraising: Corporate Fundraising Panel

Institute of Fundraising: Corporate Fundraising Panel
Posted on 15th January 2016 in Consulting

Headadvisory Managing Director Jonah Grunsell joined the panel discussion at the Institute of Fundraising Corportate Fundraising event in central London this week attended by over 50 fundraisers.

He shared a variety of best practice tips on developing an effective fundraising strategy including:

Heart not headPeople are more important than process – People don’t buy Apple products because they think it is technically better but because it makes them feel better...... A compelling message and a convincing case for support are vital

Think holistically - Your strategy must align with not only your wider organisational strategy but also what the market wants and needs - base your strategy on a robust understanding and awareness of the market, on data and on real insight

Direction not perfection - Test, learn, adapt, refine; if you have a great idea get it to market quickly, don’t wait to try and make an idea perfect as the competition are likely to get there first