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Headadvisory Insight: The 3 M's of Performance

Headadvisory Insight: The 3 M's of Performance
Posted on 16th January 2014 in Consulting

A high-performance organisation is not possible without access to the right information, ways to assess progress against targets and an overall performance management framework which genuinely drive performance improvement.

Without these elements in place organisations cannot effectively respond to pressure from customers, citizens and elected officials to demonstrate how their actions achieve intended results and outcomes. 

Are you measuring the right things?

  • Can you demonstrate on demand how the activity you are responsible for is having a positive impact on your defined outcome indicators?

  • Can you provide quantifiable evidence of performance and the realisation of benefits?

  • Are your targets set with a robust understanding of performance trends, comparative benchmarks and best practice?

Do your performance monitoring mechanisms expose poor performance?

  • Do your performance reports transparently expose poor performance?

  • Do you have tools or techniques which can monitor and track trends in performance to enable you to take action quickly and effectively? 

Does your performance management framework ensure accountability 

  • Are there clear lines of accountability for your performance indicators?

  • Are there a clear set of rewards, consequences and actions for high and low performance?